Friday, October 25, 2013

{Fleet Foxes}

It has been two years since Helplessness Blues came out by Fleet Foxes.  I am getting anxious, wondering when they will be blessing the world with yet another marvelous album.  Come on, guys, get it together!  Then my hubby reminded me that in the past two years, it has gotten easier for hipster-poseurs to jump all over this kind of great mountain music and be all "hipster" about it... so I guess it's not a bad thing that they're laying low right now.  But seriously, you guys,... spare me.... come on, where's the new stuff!?

"Helplessness Blues"

"The Cascades"


"Your Protector"

"Blue Ridge Mountains"

"Ragged Wood"

"Tiger Mountain Peasant Song"

Please hear me out, Fleet Foxes: it's been two years, let there be more music!

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