Monday, August 12, 2013

My 100th Post!

  Today is a great day for me in my little blogger world!  Why?  Because this is my 100th blog post!!!! :D
How Exciting!?

    My blog first Began as "Fly From the Highest Swing" in September of 2011.  The idea to create a blog came from sitting in Intro to Sociology at Florence-Darlington Technical College (my year off from CIU) after having a class discussion about Occupy Wall Street.  I wasn't sure what to expect with blogging or anything, so I gave it a go.  My first blog was written about Occupy Wall Street and my take on things, but mainly giving facts since I was new to blogging (and didn't know what I was supposed to be writing about...)
As my contribution to that time in history, I marked my place:

Occupying a Part of History - October 12, 2011

    It was a gratifying feeling to post something about world events and contribute to the world-wide craving for information and opinion.  After that first post, I started experimenting with what I could possibly write about.  I next posted about social events taking place, including the Japan Relief Effort, the Court System, and then I decided to take a whack at writing something Biblical: a Bible Study leading up to Christmas.  After the new year, 2012, came around, I kind of fell out of this new pastime I had found.  Until April.

    I worked at Sonoco in Hartsville and got bored with working as much as I did.  So when I got home almost every night, I would type up a blog and post it!  After a few posts in April 2012, I decided to try posting each new post on Facebook to see if anyone would be interested in reading what I have to say.  Well, it worked! And I was encouraged to keep typing up my thoughts for people to read!

    Throughout the year 2012, I touched on topics like music from my daily walks, how my Relationship with God was growing, I made a personalized Harry Potter Playlist, I wrote about My Engagement!!!, I talked about my idea of Conflict, I talked about my Love Language, the Venus Transit, my opinions on the 2012 Presidential Election, even Panic Attacks!  I started another blog called The Craft Room, and I got ready for the Hobbit.

    As 2013 came around, I wrote about how my computer failed me and was off of blogger for awhile.  But once I got a computer to use, I started back about things I love, like Japanese Stackable Cups, and lawn furniture from the home I grew up in.  I even decided to make a name change from "Fly From the Highest Swing" to "The Brightest Lights".  I told the world about my 21st birthday, I talked about the dead church, talked about our Looney Tunes Lunches, and gave timeline pictures of my many haircuts.  I talked about my venture with two different Blog Engines, introduced my calling, shared our life experiences like at Ninety-Six, gave some explanations of Vegetarian Life, quoted Dumbledore, started my "Getting In Shape" Journey, and talked about the new Royal Baby Boy.  Although it was late, I shared pictures and thoughts of our wedding in January, and I gave encouragement to people who want to get in shape too.

It has been a great 100 posts, getting to know the blogger world and letting people know more about me.  Over these past 100 blogs there are some stats that have accrued:

Most Popular Blog Post of all Time:

I Cut My Hair Again - March 3, 2012
At this moment: 130 Pageviews

Month Popular month for pageviews:  

March 2012: 1,057 Pageviews

My Top Ten Country-viewers:
  1. United States of America - 6,337 total views
  2. Russia - 21 views
  3. Israel - 19 views
  4. Canada - 13 views
  5. Germany - 9 views
  6. Spain - 8 views
  7. Ukraine - 7 views
  8. Argentina - 6 views
  9. Thailand - 6 views
  10. Turkey - 4 views
Honorable mentions:
  • Netherlands (3)
  • Greece (2)
  • France (3)
  • Panama (1)
  • Philippines (1)
  • Egypt (2)
  • Brazil (1)
  • Australia (1)
  • Austria (1)
  • South Africa (3)
  • India (2)
  • Chile (1)
  • Japan (1)
  • Hungary (2)
  • United Kingdom (2)
  • Norway (2)
  • Finland (1)
  • Italy (3)
  • Mexico (1)
  • Jordan (1)
  • Poland (1)
(I don't know how I'm so "popular" in Russia but I give a shout out to my viewers there!  Thanks Russian friends!)

Most Popular browser I'm viewed on:

Chrome: 3,354 (51% of my views)

Most popular Operating System I'm viewed on:

Windows: 3,190 (66% of my views)

Most Popular Tab:

About Me - 90 Pageviews
And in the time of me writing in this main blog, I created two other active blogs:

The Craft Room:

The Craft Room

the trend setter:

the trend setter
(I don't know why this is centering to the right...)

In The Craft Room, I have published only 19 posts in the past year of it's life, although many are already written for some reason... It has collected, however, 1,674 pageviews in its one year of life.

In the trend setter, I have published only 15 posts, although it is only a few months old.  In it's life, it has collected so far 487 pageviews.

And now keep looking out for my next 100 posts!!  This day is a celebration, and school hasn't even started yet!  Thanks to all of my readers, regular and occasional!  It's been a great experience writing for you.  If you have any questions or want me to write about anything in particular, please feel free to leave comments! I love getting comments!  In the next 10 posts, I hope to write more about little tutorials that I pick up from here and there that explain how to do simple projects by yourself and a computer, and I plan to keep up my Getting In Shape Journey, as well as update the blogosphere with my life events with Frank.  I'm always excited!!

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