Saturday, July 6, 2013

Progress From Today

    Third blog of the day!!!  There's no reason to get aggravated with that though, because the last blog I posted before today was in May!  You haven't heard from me in a while because I really haven't had a whole lot to say, and I haven't really had time.  But now, I have at least something to blog about now, so you'll be hearing from me more!

As I said in my previous post, I found a workout plan to train with but I have personalized it just a tad.  You can look at that plan here: 10K Training!

How am I personalizing?  In little ways.  For now, I can only handle running for so long, I can't quite make it to things like 30 minutes or 2.5 miles non-stop right now.  However, I don't just walk the whole time either.  Every day, I will update the world on what I was able to do - run, walk, cross train, for how long, for what distance, etc.  And I think I may also add in some things I have to eat from day-to-day that have really filled me and helped me.  Maybe every once in awhile, I will update on what God is teaching me and how I am growing.

So for today!

On the training guide, I was supposed to walk or run 2.5 miles... I said not gonna run that... So I mixed it up!  Here was my work out today:

    0.00-0.50 miles - Walk at increasing speeds starting from 3.0 until 4.0
    0.50-2.00 miles - Pace run between 4.5 and 5.5, changing speeds every quarter mile
    2.00-2.10 miles - cool down jog at 4.5 speed
    2.10-2.50 miles - Walking cool down starting at 4.0 and stopping at 2.5

For the record, I am starting on Saturday of Week 1.  Next week, I will be starting Monday of Week 1 and go from there even though it means doing Saturday all over again - I don't mind ;)

When we got home, I ate some good beans and made some hummus to eat with sour dough bread, and I have been pumping in the water!  Before we left, as I do every day, I made sure to take my B12 vitamin after I ate brekky.  Brekky for me today was 1 cup of goat milk yogurt, a tablespoon of brown sugar, and a fourth-cup of granola with raisins.  It was so good and very filling and energizing for my day.  So I feel so fresh right now!! :D

Just to top it off, Frank and I have already decided dindin: homemade mashed 'taters, corn, and a good spring mix salad :)

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