Saturday, July 6, 2013

Maybe Real Estate

    Before Christmas Break, I was having trouble understanding which direction God was leading me.  Well I wrote a blog about what I felt my calling is.  That hasn't changed!!!  God is paving the way for me to enter Grad school in the Counseling program to be a family counselor - maybe in a public high school setting :)

    On a side note from that, though, I have been thoroughly interested in the Real Estate industry since we've been married.  My go-to channel when I watch TV is HGTV.  I love watching Love It, Or List It, House Hunters, and especially Property Brothers.  In each of these shows, there is one common interest: Real Estate!  Each show has a real estate agent.  Ultimately, I would love to go to a Tech school and get an Associate's in Woodworking or Carpentry, or something like that because I LOVE hands on house-makeovers!  However, I think I could really do a lot with a Real Estate license ;)

I've already told Frank: if anytime in the future, God made it possible and we had the means to do so, I would go to school to get my training in Real Estate.  I would do that on the side, or work Real Estate part time while working as a Counselor part time.  I would do it in a heartbeat!  I love the idea of Real Estate, and I would love to do anything with houses and giving people chances to live somewhere they love and can afford!

For the time being, however, I am called to Counseling families, focusing on the youth who go through so much on their own.  That is my passion, the passion God has placed in my heart.  Real Estate and Carpentry are simply interests God has given to me to enjoy for now.  But who knows, maybe real estate is in my future for fun? ;)

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