Friday, March 1, 2013

Taking a Short Bloggy Break

I have been feeling the urge to blog a LOT lately...  In the past 13 days, I have posted 14 blog posts.  This one is the #15 in 13 days.  I have gotten to the point where I sit in front of my computer for a few minutes at a time waiting for an idea to come to my mind for a blog.  I sit in class and write down blog ideas as I listen to the prof, and so on.  I love blogging... I love writing new posts and sharing my view of the world with the world.  This is surely one of my favorite past-times, but when you spend so much time focused on it even when you're not around it... you need to take it easy.

I decided that I will not blog this weekend, and I will probably allow myself to get back on Blogger by Monday.  It is a short break, but I think even a short break will help regulate my life so that I constantly don't   sit around waiting to blog and whatnot.  It ain't healthy.  A few days gives me a break from the Blogger world and allows me and encourages me to get things done around the house, hang out more with my husband, focus on my studies.  The weekends are the best time for these things and so I will start again next week.  However, I might possibly even wait longer than just Monday depending on how much air I can breathe between now and then.  In the meantime, here are the blogs I run and operate and write for:

The Brightest Lights
- This is my main blog which you will always see more of.  I write about everything on this one and there are blogs about spirituality, politics, and even enormous mushrooms.
The Craft Room
- This is my craft blog; I post on here between 2 and 4 times a month with ideas for crafts and documented crafts that I have completed.  Some of them include tutorials.
the trend setter
- This is my most recent blog that I created, actually, earlier in this week.  This talks about my day-to-day fashions and likes and hobbies because I seem to always find the next trend before it becomes the big trend...

So even in my absence, please feel free to enjoy what I have been writing about or learn something new... Get what you can from my blogs :)

One more thing: thank you to all of you who read my blogs for prayer, thank you for your prayers to Our Father asking Him to help me.  I received the most amount of pageviews in my blogging history for those two posts.  It's not so much the numbers there that mattered to me, it was the fact that I asked for prayer and so many of you took the time to look and see how you could intercede in prayer for me.  I truly appreciate that.

Until sometime next week!

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