Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Cut My Hair Again!

Frank is having man-time with one of his friends tonight and I've already cleaned the whole house... so I decided to award myself with writing a post or two! :)  So...

I always had nice long hair:

(like my plastic cannabis plant hanging out of my bag?)
The longest it ever got was the summer after this picture was taken when it fell below the middle of my back.  Then I really looked like a hippie...

Until I graduated from high school when my hair went from below the middle of my back to right below my ears.  I got a symmetrical haircut that I do not know the name of and these are some samples of that hair:


As freshman year of college went on, I experimented for the first time with color.  I went through black white and red highlights on one side, completely black, black on bottom white on top, purple highlights, bright red, dark red, after freshman year I went to dark brown:


As Frank and I started talking about marriage awhile ago, I decided to grow my hair out and color it closer to my natural color, which is where the dark brown came in.  Dark brown wasn't that bad ;)  As time went on, my hair grew back out and I began to play with it some more.  My hair is naturally very curly with medium spirals and it's really frizzy unless I put some sort of mousse or curl enhancer in it:


Well wedding day came and I styled my hair close to how I wanted it for the day I got married:


Well literally five days after the wedding, we had been back from the honey moon for only one day and I looked in the mirror and said, "ENOUGH!" I had been waiting for almost two years to get my hair cut again!! And so I did:

That was my favorite hairstyle, it was an asymmetrical cut and I thought it worked really well for me!  However, last Saturday one of my friends and I made plans to go to the hair-cutting place to shape up our hairdo's.  Before we left, I found a picture of the hairstyle I wanted!  And after leaving the hair place, this is my hair now:

What do you think!?

It's definitely different, and I've never parted my hair on the left side of my head.  It's been parted on the right since I was 9 years old.  (Just so it's known: when you take a picture of yourself with a YouCam, it turns the picture backward...)  This is THE shortest I have ever gone before and this is such a strange new way to style my hair! I'm still experimenting withe styling it, and I think I might go blonde... I guess we'll see!

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