Tuesday, June 12, 2012

History I Have Been There For

  I've always been the sentimental type, in that I love the meaning behind an object or event rather than the cost or price of it.  A huge bejewled necklace dating back to the 16th century, worth at least a million dollars or whatever means so much less to me than the fact that my great-grandfather bought it for my grandma as an anniversary gift from a pawn shop.  [HYPOTHETICAL]  To me, the fact that my great-grandmother wore this necklace, given out of love by my great-grandfather, is so much more important to be than having a pricey jewel - for me, it is priceless and too valuable to be sold.  Whether it's that kind of fortune, or not, I see something of value as important only if it means something to me - and then, why would I sell it!? 

Our history will always be here, even when we are not.
   Similarly, I want to raise my future kids to appreciate what they have been apart of and what they have experienced more than what they wish they could have been alive for. I want them to appreciate the value of memories more than the value of money -  a love that is lost amongst our greedy generation.  Because I am this way, do I write blogs about the Venus transit, and Pottermore opening, and the Occupy movement, the first 'black' president, and things that will be a part of history even in the smallest of ways. 
  Of course, my children will learn about 9/11 and big events in world history, but there is so much more to my life personally that happens day-to-day that I want my future kids to know about and be able to look back and think, "Wow!  My mom was there for that? She was a part of this?  This heirloom will soon be mine? Think about all the memories, and who else held it like me!"  Maybe not necessarily those words verbatim, but I want to instill a valuable mindset within them, rather than the greedy one that is so heavily impressed upon the minds of people today.  Of course, if it's not greed, it's carlessness. 

Occupy Wall Street, New York

  Here, I want to start a post that might continue over months and months of history.  I want to be able to record slowly different events in my life that were important to the world, the social world, political world, economic world, religious world, and my own little world.  If it meant something to me, or if I was around when it happened, I want to record it for the sake of my kids someday being able to appreciate the history they have behind them.

September 11, 2001
  So much is lost in time when we focus on money and fortune.  So much is forgotten, and love that brought about the world today is on the backburner waiting to truly be found again as real love and care.  Over the coming years, I will be constructing blog posts that have to do with the love and memories I have in my life that connect to world events in whatever way they present themselves.  I will give the unbiased details, and then I will slip in my own opinioin and why my opinion is what it is.  I will try to include as much online documentation as possible in hopes that what I link will remain on the internet for years and years to come.  If not, at least I can say that I tried, and my intentions were not to plagiarize.  For my future unborn, but definitely thought of, children is who I record this for, but of course, this will also remind everyone around me what we have been through together. 

Barack Obama, first 'black' president, 2008
  In the coming months, if you would like to record your own history (whether they be local occurrances, personal events, social issues, world news, and anything else) I encourage you to do so.  Have you never stopped and thought, 'I wonder what lies in my family timeline that links me to the history recorded in the past" or even thought, "I wonder if I'm related to anyone significant, or if my anscestors were in the Civil War..." - surely things like this must have run through your mind.  You can start that cycle to find importance in recording your history for those who come after you - children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, even some kids that won't ever really know who you are.  Regardless, to occupy a part of history is something that, no matter who you are, will never be taken away from you.  So soon, this will be the history that I have been there for, the part of me that will always remain...


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