Wednesday, October 15, 2014

fair weather.

Saturday was our designated date night for the week.
It was the Saturday of my desperately needed Fall break, and this was our chance to relax and have fun (because when you're a student with 19 credit hours, 15 hours of work, Senate rep, and a wife, even fun can be exhausting).
ate chocolate dipped ice cream
ate a Chicago-style Polish sausage and veggie gyro
viewed the beautiful hand-made crafts
looked at all the art work
oogled over the homemade wine selection winners
pet cows {Frank actually pet one this year!}
spent lots of time with the bunnies - that was our favorite part
I got to pet a bunny
braved a chairlift
{we thought that would be the least scariest thing to ride, but it was not...}
viewed the beautiful world at night from the lift
and enjoyed being South Carolinians on the fair 70-degree, clear night at the fair.

Can't wait 'til next year!

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