Friday, September 5, 2014

heritage tour.

Very recently, Frank and I have talked about going on a tour of the world - specifically to do something we thought was a very neat idea.  We want to travel to the countries, and maybe even the cities, from which our ancestors came.  When we go to these places, we will film us trying a new food, making something that is specific to the culture (i.e. reed basket, etc.) or learning some new phrases. Or all three!  This venture will take quite some time, and definitely a bit more money.  We'll start someday, though and Lord willing, end. Thankfully, we know of at least two countries which we have in common (England; Germany).  Others include: Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Canada (!). Other than the two we have in common, we don't know much about where Frank's ancestors were from. We've heard speculations of Ireland, France, and the Czech Republic (or Czechoslovakia), but we are on a mission to get to the bottom of his blood and find out ;)  And who knows, maybe there are a few more surprises in my own heritage that we haven't uncovered yet? So while this venture will take some time to start and finish, the prospect of walking where our ancestors walked and doing/eating/making/playing with some of the same things our ancestors did are entirely overwhelming and I can't wait for our chance to start!  As of right now (which means, subject to change) our first goal is to knock out four birds with one stone: take an anniversary trip to Ireland and Great Britain. We'll see, folks ;)

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