Monday, February 10, 2014

{Dear Monuments Men}

Dear Monuments Men,

Thank you for taking your time (and some, your lives) to remind us what we fight for: to preserve our culture, and remember the great things we've done while we're here on earth.  I really appreciated the lesson you gave on art and how much damage Hitler did while he was alive; not only did he murder millions of innocent people, and reduce beautiful cities and towns to rubble, but he also tried to bring down all of the world's history and culture through stealing and destroying art.  My heart broke when I watched them blowtorch an entire mine of artwork, millions of pieces of artwork, from artists like Picaso.  Also, I don't know what dark mark was on the name of Donald Jeffries, but he earned his dignity with the sacrifice he made for the Bruges Madonna and Child.  Don't worry chap, they found it in the end.  I'm thankful this movie was produced for the world to see.  While many young people have no care for this, the lesson learned from the men who risked their lives to save our culture amidst winning the war is one that cannot be learned easily, but forever appreciated.  I hope that everyone, in time, will be able to view you and really understand what it means to preserve a way of life that will never go forgotten.  Again, thank you for sharing your story with the world; it is not taken for granted.


PS. Not to mention, this film had an extraordinary cast.

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