Tuesday, December 31, 2013

{Bucket List} 2014

This is my bucket list for 2014:

1.  Study the Book of Amos
2.  Reach my goal GPA by May!
3.  Watch Frank graduate
4.  Take a Dance class
5.  Find two Zumba partners
6.  Start Tai Chi
7.  Get urban bikes
8.  Take a road trip to anywhere!
9.  Start my final year of Undergrad!
10.  Learn conversational Swedish
11.  Watch my sister graduate high school!
12.  Help my sister move in to college
13.  Get a fishing pole
14.  Go fishing
15.  Throw the fish back in the water
16.  Start an inspiration board for 2014
17.  Take a picture every day of Frank and me
18.  Pet a bunny
19.  Read a big book from cover to cover
20.  Go to Johnson City
21.  Stay up late to see an entire meteor shower
22.  Read and apply the manual made for my camera
23.  Own a Duck Commander duck call (yes, just because)
24.  Take a pottery class
25.  Punch a shark.  Just kidding.
26.  Learn conversational Cajun French-Creole
27.  Focus on photography a bit more
28.  Replace the flash bulb in my camera and look at tripods!

What's on your bucket list, life lovers?

(Oh yeah: 29.  Kiss this guy a hundred million times!!!)

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