Thursday, October 3, 2013

{Music That Introduces Autumn}

As the cool weather settles on top of the dried colored leaves and beside the scent of pumpkin in the air, I change up my music a little to fit the feel of the season's beginning: peaceful, thin, still, relaxing, reminiscent.

These are a few music groups and artists who I turn on while I sit and enjoy my favorite season making its debut for the year:

Yonder Mountain String Band

Old Crow Medicine Show

Sufjan Stevens

Horse Feathers

Lord Huron


The Barr Brothers
The Last Bison

The Devil Makes Three

The Civil Wars

Obviously, I listen to the likes of these all throughout the year.  However, take a listen to one or two of these and you'll understand why they really put me in the autumn mood.  

Nice earthy tones, natural sounds, they make you feel comfortable in the new clean weather and kinda make you want to dance in funny ways (but not at CIU, of course!...)

It's music groups like these that help me embrace my southern-ness.  I love living in the south.  I don't always fit in here, but I don't fit in anywhere else either.  This music makes me feel like I belong, right here in the south, right here in the autumn season.  Ahhh... this time of year is just so nice.

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