Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Running to Linkin Park

There are different moods I get into when I go for a run.  The past day or two, I have been all about some Linkin Park.  Linkin Park is one of the very few bands I am still completely comfortable with claiming love for!  They are definitely no secret to the world, their songs are used in the Transformers movies (which I love!!!) and they just stay so chill about their uniqueness!  I actually own every album they have made with the exception of their latest album and all of their live albums.  But thanks to Spotify, I know a few songs off their new album too.  I started collecting their albums back in 2003 when I first heard their song Numb from the Meteora album.  That was one of the first albums I ever bought for myself with my own money!

Living Things - A Thousand Suns - Minutes to Midnight - Meteora - Hybrid Theory
Well during a run, they give me a good adrenaline rush, a good push, to get me to the end.  There are so many songs that I love to run to, here are a few that get me pumped and keep me going:
  1. Lost in the Echo (Living Things)
  2. Faint (Meteora)
  3. Bleed It Out (Minutes to Midnight)
  4. New Divide (Transformers Soundtrack)
  5. Wretches and Kings (A Thousand Suns)
  6. Nobody's Listening (Meteora)
  7. Lies, Greed, Misery (Living Things)
  8. What I've Done (Minutes to Midnight)
  9. Waiting for the End (A Thousand Suns)
  10. One Step Closer (Hybrid Theory)
  11. When They Come For Me (A Thousand Suns)
  12. Castle of Glass (Living Things)
  13. Lying From You (Meteora)
  14. No More Sorrow (Minutes to Midnight)
  15. Burn It Down (Living Things)
  16. The Catalyst (A Thousand Suns)
  17. Hit the Floor (Meteora)
There's a lot of powerful sound in their songs, and some pretty well-thought lyrics to accompany.  I just love listening to them during a work out, during a run, during hands-on work, during quite a few things that require an audible boost.

As always, I recommend finding them on Spotify (I should be paid for how much I advertise Spotify!), abut also iTunes and YouTube and all that stuff. 

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