Monday, March 11, 2013

Date Day at Ninety-Six, SC!

  Last Saturday, Frank took me somewhere in the state of South Carolina I have never been before: Ninety-Six, South Carolina!

I had never been there before, but he had.  Ninety-Six is a National Historic Site for the battles that happen there during the Revolutionary War Era.  It is best known for it's Star Fort (which is the British fort shaped like a star).  It's name came from the fact that it was Ninety-Six miles to the nearest Indian village, Keowee.  It was so cool being able to walk around the grounds that, just a few hundred years ago, men were crawling all over, digging up trenches for protection! Those trenches are still protruding from the ground today!  We also saw where the village of Ninety-Six once stood before the British Loyalists burned it down in 1781.  This was such a fun day, we had a super fun date day, and here we have some pictures for our new memory!!

Frank always reads these signs - that's probably why
he's so stinkin' smart!
I forgot the name of this house, but I do know that
it's from the Revolutionary Era and it was found
within another house!
(I didn't realize there was a wad of bird poop on it!)
This bridge crosses over what used to be a much
larger stream called Spring Branch.  This is where
each soldier would get fresh drinking water from
since the nearest water outlet was a while away.
This is an old road, called Island Ford, that was made for horse trading
during this time period.  THIS is the actual
road they traveled on!!
These were designed to absorb the shock of cannons.
This is the walking tour path that takes us through
the trenches of the Americans, waiting to siege the fort.
A cannon!

As you can see in the animation, the place here on the
ground is where the Americans started digging
a mine to reach to the star fort.  It was never finished though...
Frank in the Star Fort... in the Star Fort!
"Historic Whitehall Road"
This road led all the way to Charleston!
The roads around the old Ninety-Six Settlement
went to Augusta and Charleston - Ninety-Six is far on the other
side of Columbia near Georgia!  That's
a long road!
This is the Stockade Fort from a time shortly before the Siege of Ninety-Six.
This fort belonged to the Patriots.
Candid shot in the Stockade Fort!
This was cool: the bricks say "96" in a shape of the
Star Fort, no matter which way you look at it!
Overall, we had a really great day together! It was date number 117 since we started dating, and adventure number 6!
And now we plan on going back sometime soon to check out the trails we didn't take!

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