Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Update Before I Get Back To Real Blogging!

  I should be able to start blogging again!  My fixed and complete computer will be received by me today!  I am so excited!! Renewed warranty and everything!

  Well some updates over the past two months:
We got married!!!  January 7th, 2013 was the date of our wedding!  We are learning now how to live with someone completely different from ourselves.  But it's been so wonderful being able to come home after class and work everyday to the person who loves me the most, to know my best friend is waiting for me! :)

Started the second semester of my junior year in college.  I have no classes on Monday or Friday, and the only class I have on Wednesday starts at 6:30pm.

I've applied to 13 jobs on campus now and I have kind of heard back from two of them as positive.  Five of the positions I applied for, I was told that I wasn't what they were looking for, Three of them, I haven't heard back from at all and they already found someone for the position (thanks for letting me know).  And the last one I applied for was last week working for Admissions.  This has been the job I've really been wanting since I started school here in 2010... I really hope they at least call me in for an interview, I would really really love to work for them... Please pray!  God knows what is best for me and what Frank and I need to stay afloat financially.

I've discovered the Homemaker in me and I am loving being one and being a wife!  I really wish I didn't have to go to school and I could just stay at home to clean and then work a little on the side, but I've got to keep heart and stay motivated!  I have two semesters left after this one, plus a few summer classes.  I need prayer to keep me sane  O.O

Future Exploits:

Frank has felt the call to teaching!  Right now, he will be finishing before me, taking what time I have left in school to work a heck of lot and pay off some debt.  Once I'm done (depending on what we decide to do) we will either spend an extra semester or two here at our Undergrad school and I will start Grad school classes in the College of Counseling (it's my dream to be a counselor for troubled youth and their families in crisis).  Or, once I graduate, we will up and move to Texas where Frank will go to Baylor University to receive his Masters and Ph. D. in History so that he can teach British History on the college level (preferably at CIU when they install the History program).  So we are working towards a lot right now, but we will not move without God moving us first!

Some of you may be asking "what about Sweden? Weren't you called to Sweden?" Yes, we were, and we still are.  Right now, getting to Sweden is a matter of when will God provide for us the opportunity to go.  You see, in Sweden, they don't take you seriously if a) you don't have a degree and b) if you come as a missionary without any other reason for being there.  In Sweden, college education is free.  If you don't get a college degree, they think you're lazy, they don't take you seriously, and they think you really don't know what you're talking about.  However, they also don't like snobby know-it-all's.  On top of that, if you come in there saying something like, "you need a relationship with Christ! I'm here to bring you to Him so He can save you!" they will definitely not take you seriously, and probably even laugh at you.  So if you come with a degree and experience in your field, get to know people by earning their respect, build relationships, then you can start ministering in the simplest ways.  Sometimes, the most effective ministry is living like Christ, not talking about Him.  So right now, God is calling us to higher education so we can get some professional experience before going to a country that needs to me revived of His true presence.

Right now, I'm dreading my Psychology class in which the grade average of the classes history is a C- because the prof purposely makes it tough.  Joy.  I'm not even going to try to aim for an A because I'll be depressed when I don't get one.  The ONLY grades in the class are 4 (four) exam grades.  That's it.  No other grades.  And each exam is 50 questions.  He told us this: in 35 years of him giving the same exams each year, there have only been 2 (two) students to make a 100.  Only two students in 35 years (think about roughly 250 students every year coming through his class) have made a 100 on any of his exams.  So I'm aiming low to save my self-confidence, but I'm still going to work hard.  Lord, help me.

So once I get my own computer again, I will be sure to post something truly worthy of a blog!  I'm so excited!  Oh Blogger, how I've missed you!

Stay classy planet Earth... and thanks for stopping by.
-Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone

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