Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupying A Part of History

  In its fourth week of protesting, the Occupy Wall Street movement has spread now from coast to coast and even to areas outside of the U.S. ringing out with protests declaring that the “the 99%” should have more control over what the government is doing with tax payer money.  The voices come from the mouths of the generations suffering in the first years after the greatest recession since the Great Depression in the 1930s.  Young and old are coming together in the streets of cities, like New York and Washington, to get the attention of major bankers and politicians. 

  The issue is with the “1%” of the nation who is ruling the money in the country; as the economy gets worse and worse, the rich get richer and richer, and the tax payers pay more and more.   This is the typical premise of the protests sprouts from the structural functional theory, giving the idea that this is the norm of a capitalist country, and this is the way banks, like JP Morgan Chase, want it to stay.  Who is this group?  Occupy Wall Street started as a group in Zuccotti Park in New York, protesting social and economic inequality.  Those involved are concerned about the job market for themselves, and their children, and are disgusted by the misuse of distribution among the powerful hands in the government and big business.  As one who agreed in a comment over a CNN report on the movement, activists have noticed that “When the GOP is willing to shut down USA over private jet tax breaks, I'd have to say the top 1% holds a little too much sway over our govt,” and other xenocentrists on issue declare, “Down with Capitalism!!!! The rest of the world has it better!” and the common ground of the American people is coming together over what is seen as a largely peaceful movement across the United States to get the attention of politicians who are not listening to the voices of the very people our Constitution defends.  One man, Jesse LaGreca, assumes the position of fronting the movement as he makes his debut on the FOX news network  to shell out the thoughts of many too consumed by society to speak and announces in front of the world the inequality of distribution in our nation.  Who is this man?  He's an everyday Joe, run of the mill, like the supposed 99% who can't take any longer the misrepresentation of the will of the people due to the hand of the wealthy that covers those who run our everyday lives.  He speaks out against, not only the rulers of our democracy and those who have great influence over what happens with our money, but also calls out the media for focusing on those of the middle-class whose representation give the 99% a look of how we cannot handle ourselves without CEO's of these big businesses. 

  It's about time somebody has decided to stand out against this corporate greed and start pursuing a change in the country whose economy is crumbling with every second.  


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